The Human Rights Review Tribunal has put the cat amongst the pigeons. A few weeks back they found that a Ministry of Health policy not to pay family members to provide ongoing support to their disabled children was discriminatory on the grounds of family status, and therefore contravened human rights legislation. The decision comes at the end of a long running case taken by a group of parents and a number of their disabled adult family members. The decision in their favour has been welcomed by disability rights activists and organizations representing carers' interests. And they're not happy the Government's lodging an appeal to the High Court. To discuss the case and it's aftermath, I'll be joined in a moment by Carers NZ spokesperson Roger Palairet and Diversity consultant Philip Patston. First up though we get a reaction to the decision from DPA president Wendy Neilson. Wendy Neilson says the national advocacy group is in favour of the Tribunal decision - But there's a qualification.