We take a peek at what'll be hanging out on the clothesline come white ribbon day. And we'll meet up with former Western Australian Premier Carmen Lawrence, who's railing against the power of indifference. First up though, from the gee whiz file.. Chalk up another one for kiwi ingenuity. This time it's an invention called the 'Sound post orientation system'. Geared up for visually impaired or blind people.

Remember the 'It's Not OK' campaign. It's the message slating domestic violence that was the subject of TV, radio and newspaper advertising. While the reality of domestic violence isn't new, there's one dimension to it that disability rights advocates say has remained invisible. Disabled people as the victims of violence. It's that invisibility that's led advocates to join with others from the stopping violence network to set up the Disability Coalition Against Violence. And as we head to white ribbon day later in the month, when the problem of domestic violence gets national attention, Coaliton members have come up with a novel approach to getting their message across.