When a disability support service gets fingered for poor standards of care, reported intimidation of clients and questionable handling of Government funding, how easy is it to turn things around? Maybe change your name and move on? Well that's exactly what Auckland based Focus 2000 is about to do. But according to the man who's taken over the reins it's more than a facelift that's on offer. An interview with John Wade.

I remember watching Katherine Hepburn in 'On Golden Pond' and couldn't help noticing the way her head wobbled. Back then I thought it was old age. But it turns out Hepburn had a condition called 'Essential Tremor'. And it's estimated that two hundred thousand people in this country are affected by it. …Essential Tremor is a neurological condition often noticed but little understood. Something the NZ essential tremor support group want to change….which is why I'm visiting national coordinator Susan Joffe and fellow member Alan Irvin in Devonport on Auckland's north shore..