Noted Bioethicist, academic, writer and disability activist, the Rev Dr Christopher Newell died recently in his home state of Tasmania. He was in his early forties. Last month, Christopher was meant to be part of a conference on communications on this side of the ditch. Sadly, that was not meant to be. But it was an opportunity for colleagues and friends to remember him.

The Mental Health Media Grants were launched last year by the Mental Health Foundation. They've replaced the U S based Carter Center Fellowships offered to journalists in New Zealand from 2001 to 2005/6. And the Foundation's added another category to the grants - awarded to anyone in the community with a project idea that creates positive messages about mental health. The awards have closed off for this year with the successful entries to be announced soon. Judi Clements, Jim Tully, Anne Helm, and Raymond Nairn discuss the awards.