Assume Nothing exhibition at the New Dowse (45 Laings Rd Lower Hutt April 12 to August 31) addresses the physical in gender.

New Zealand photographer Rebecca Swan talks about her exhibition Assume Nothing, how collaboration is central to how she works with her photographic subjects and other artists. Filmmaker Kirsty MacDonald has made a film about Assume Nothing which will be part of the upcoming exhibition and with Executive Director of the Intersex Trust Aotearoa New Zealand, Mani Bruce Mitchell, who is one of the subjects of Assume Nothing. Mani discusses her decision to collaborate with photographers and filmmakers, to break down stigma towards intersex people. Assume Nothing is described by the New Dowse as: a journey into the intimacies, nuances and complexities of gender identity; an exploration and true celebration of the complex world of gender diversity. It includes portraits of activist Mani Bruce Mitchell, performer Carmen Rupe, politician Georgina Beyers, artist Shigeyuki Kihara.