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Students from Wellington's Te Aro School share their take on the finalists in this year's awards.

Te Aro School is a multicultural full primary school with approximately 220 children from over 36 countries.

ESOL and general teacher Cathie Cahill says "... this year a group of year 6 students took on the challenge, using their school holidays to read the books and begin their preparation.

Throughout the early weeks of this term they worked in pairs to develop and extend their reviews and to be ready for Prue when she came to record them. Lots of the students met up after school and on weekends to practise together. There was much excitement (and some nerves) as the day of recording arrived...

Once over, it was wonderful to hear these students speak about how much they enjoyed the process and how proud they were of their achievements.

They can't wait to hear themselves on the radio! It was especially exciting for me to see students who hadn't really shown much interest in books embrace this experience and get so much from it – great for their self-esteem too".

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