30 Jun 2014

Medical pioneer Sir Patrick Eisdell Moore aged 96, on getting So Old, So Quick.

From Nine To Noon, 10:08 am on 30 June 2014

Sir Patrick Eisdell Moore is a New Zealand medical pioneer and So Old So Quick is his memoir. He is 96. Sir Pat graduated in medicine from Otago University in 1941, and then went on to serve as a medical officer in World War Two. He was the only Pakeha in the 28th Maori Battalion. Upon returning home his medical career kicked into high gear as an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist - and a trailblazer in research and treatment of the deaf. Sir Pat was pro-active in many community health initiatives and for a time he travelled annually to the East Cape area to run clinics for local children and their families with ear problems, he was a pioneer of cochlear implants and established Auckland's Hearing House. And he was the first person in the world to perform an eardrum transplant. Sir Pat is married to Beth who is 94 - they have four sons - two successful in the medical field and two lawyers - Anthony is a pathologist, Tim a radiologist and University professor in the US, Simon was recently sworn in as a High Court Judge, and Chris is the President of the New Zealand Law Society. So Old So Quick - The memoirs of a NZ medical pioneer, published by Castle under the Rampart imprint, RRP $34.95