11 Jun 2024

Nicolla Hemi-Morehouse, AKA Miss Nicky Says, on connecting tamariki to Te Reo Māori

From Nine To Noon, 11:30 am on 11 June 2024
An image of Nicolla Hemi-Morehouse and 'Because I'm Maori' book cover.

Photo: Supplied: Bateman Books

Australia-based Nicolla Hemi-Morehouse is better known to thousands of young fans as Miss Nicky Says.

Through her YouTube Channel and in-person shows, she's helping them to sing and learn Te Reo. Her popular song 'Because I'm Maori' has just been made into a colourful storybook. And it's a family affair - the book was illustrated by her daughter Story who's a successful artist in her own right.

Nicolla talks about her music and language journey and working on with Story on the book. Miss Nicky Says will be performing in New Zealand with Suzy Cato at The Tuning Fork in Auckland in June, you can find details here