7 Jun 2024

What role could NZ's billion dollar space industry

From Nine To Noon, 9:30 am on 7 June 2024

What role could NZ's billion dollar space industry play in the new space race?

Rocket Lab Capstone mission

RocketLab's CAPSTONE launch in 2022 was part of a pathfinding mission to support NASA's Artemis mission to put a man and woman on the moon. Photo: YouTube / Rocket Lab

As space gets busier - and more crowded - New Zealand's space industry is drawing interest from our traditional allies.

There are some 10-thousand satellites orbiting Earth, some of which New Zealand has had a hand in launching.

Our space industry is worth over a billion dollars thanks to private companies like Rocket Lab, which has partnered many times with the US - most recently to get two NASA climate cubesats into orbit.

Launch capabilities from New Zealand are also of strategic interest to our allies - and this morning we'll look what closer space ties - possibly through an AUKUS alliance - could mean for New Zealand.

Kathryn is joined by Marçal Sanmartí, who's a researcher for the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs