30 May 2024

Major vote on the future of NZ Rugby

From Nine To Noon, 9:05 am on 30 May 2024

A vote on the biggest change in New Zealand rugby governance in the sport's professional history is happening this morning. NZR's members will vote on two proposals to reform its governance structure. The vote is in response to last year's independent Pilkington Review, which found the current model not fit for purpose.

Proposal A recommends that rugby would be governed by a wholly independent nine-person board. The second proposal, put forward by three major provincial unions requires that three directors on a new board would need to have served on provincial boards in the past.

The New Zealand Rugby Players Association is threatening to break away to form a new entity to govern the professional game, if the provincial unions proposal is accepted.

RNZ's sports reporter Joe Porter speaks to Kathryn from outside the NZR headquarters in Wellington.

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Photo: PhotoSport