29 May 2024

Australia: Down Under docs, bird flu-culled flocks, fossils in opal rocks

From Nine To Noon, 9:45 am on 29 May 2024

Australia correspondent Chris Niesche joins Kathryn to talk about an exodus of doctors leaving the UK's health system and heading to Australia - there was a 67 percent increase in 2022-23 on the two years prior.

What's the appeal? Chris looks at how authorities are taking action and enforcing quarantine measures after an outbreak of bird flu and there's been an exciting find of an egg-laying mammal, nicknamed an 'echidnapus' after fossils were found in an opal field in the New South Wales outback.

Chickens at a poultry farm in the Netherlands (2005)

500,000 chickens have been culled on one chicken farm in Victoria as authorities try to contain a bird flu outbreak. (file photo) Photo: AFP