27 May 2024

Good sh*t soda, the naughty name that's good for your gut

From Nine To Noon, 11:25 am on 27 May 2024
Photo of Becs Caughey and cans of Good Sh*t

Photo: Supplied: Good Sh*t

Good Sh*t Soda launched in March 2021 and mixes pre and pro-biotics together in a low-sugar drink that's good for your gut.

It followed two years of research and development that was partly funded through a grant from Callaghan Innovation. 

With flavours like citrus, cola, tropical and ginger, each can contains at least 11.7 grams of dietary fibre - or about a third of what an adult should have each day.

One of Good Sh*t's co-founders, Rebecca Caughey, joins Kathryn to talk about the soda and plans to expand the business.