Mark Antony: ally, enemy, lover and the fall of Rome

From Nine To Noon, 10:10 am on 27 May 2024
Mark Antony: A Noble Ruin

Photo: Jeffrey Tatum

Marcus Antonius - or Mark Antony  - is an enduring figure in classical history.

A Roman politician who helped Julius Caesar in his rise to dictatorship,  and then took on the role of leader after Caesar's assassination.

Professor of Classics at Victoria University in Wellington Jeff Tatum, has released a new book, called A Noble Ruin,  which examines Mark Antony's life and career and a pivotal time in history.

Professor Tatum is a classicist and author or editor of six books.

He says Mark Antony is like a guilty pleasure - from his love life, to his political manoeuverings,  and ultimately his dramatic death.