23 Apr 2024

Nick Stride on why his family fled Russia and went into hiding

From Nine To Noon, 10:05 am on 23 April 2024

British construction worker Nick Stride was working in Moscow in 1998 to help build the British embassy there.

He returned several times to complete contracts there, but ended up fleeing with his wife and two children after feeling his family's every move was being watched and they were being bugged.

His family's journey to safety is captured in the book  Run for your life: The story of the Kiwi family who fled Putin's Russia - written by Sue Williams - which includes why he decided to leak secrets from Vladimir Putin's one-time deputy. It also tells of a life living off-grid in Australia seeking a safe haven, and ultimately finding that in Aotearoa.

Nick and Sue join Kathryn to explain why it was important to tell his tale.

picture of Nick Stride

Nick Stride Photo: supplied by Harper Collin NZ