18 Apr 2024

Tech: Where does software fit in the right to repair movement?

From Nine To Noon, 11:10 am on 18 April 2024
Image of a two hands holding a mobile phone with a broken screen.

Photo: 123rf

Technology commentator Alex Sims joins Kathryn to discuss the issue of the right to repair, which also covers the right to use and maintain goods. 

As more of what we use comes to rely on software to operate, where are consumers left when things don't work as they should - or stop working completely?

She'll look at the example of Tesla requiring owners to use Tesla hitches or be unable to tow, and printers that now require a monthly subscription to work.

The Greens have just had a private members bill pulled from the ballot that focuses on the right to repair.

Alex looks at what it will and won't cover. 

Alex Sims is a Professor in the Department of Commercial Law at the University of Auckland Business School and an expert on blockchain technology, copyright law and consumer law.