15 Apr 2024

The app helping orchardists manage individual trees

From Nine To Noon, 9:30 am on 15 April 2024
Sebastian Chapman, founder and CEO of Fruitminder.

Photo: supplied/ Fruitminder.co.nz

Fruitminder is a software agri-business that allows orchardists to precisely manage each tree. Sebastian Chapman is founder and CEO. He tells Kathryn the app enables users to create GPS-mapped digital twins of their orchards.

The technology works in a similar way to smart ear tags used on cattle, and gives business owners all the data they need about their trees - such as growing conditions, treatments, sprays and fertilisers.

Sebastian Chapman has been a dairy and crop farmer, and says rather than inspecting every tree manually - Fruitminder takes the guess work out of it. He'll be speaking at E Tipu: The Boma Agri Summit in Manawatu in June.