10 Apr 2024

As telcos get ready to switch off 3G - are we ready?

From Nine To Noon, 9:30 am on 10 April 2024
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Photo: 123RF

On Monday it was revealed more than a million mobile phones could be prevented in Australia from calling emergency services, as the country progresses its 3G shutdown.

The ABC reported a subset of older 4G-enabled handsets may not be able to make emergency calls once the 3G networks are shut off because of how they're configured.

Across the Ditch, Vodafone switched off 3G services in December and January - while deadlines are looming for other telcos.

New Zealand will also see 3G switched off - but plans to do it this year have been pushed back by One NZ.

So when will it kick off, what do customers need to do and why is it happening?

Kathryn is joined by Paul Brislen, chair of the Telecommunications Forum.