9 Apr 2024

How Cromwell worm farmer Robbie Dick is saving tonnes of organic waste

From Nine To Noon, 9:35 am on 9 April 2024
A portion of the 20 tonne weekly feed out to the worms. Consisting of fruit & vegetable waste from New World, apple pulp, paunch grass and cardboard,
and converted into worm castings very quickly.

Photo: WormWorx

Cromwell farmer Robbie Dick and his 100 million tiger worms are saving up to 30 tonnes of waste every week.

His small patch of land in Central Otago is home WormWorx.

His livestock chow through organic waste and convert it into worm castings which can ultimately be used to grow cattle feed, and food.

And Robbie also sends 100 kilograms of his worms around the country every week, to be used by big chain stores, local gardens, and the odd septic system.