9 Feb 2024

Gaming industry growth slowing as Australia entices senior staff away

From Nine To Noon, 9:20 am on 9 February 2024
A young person engaged in gaming

Photo: Alex Haney / Unsplash

Fierce competition from Australia's gaming industry has seen growth in the sector wane, and key talent lost. The Game Developers Association (NZGDA) says revenue grew by just 7% last year, compared to 47% growth in the previous year.

From July 2022, qualifying developers across the ditch could secure rebates of up to 45c per dollar of eligible spend - for example, if they spent $1m on game development, they could potentially get $450,000 back.

Last year our Government announced a 20% tax rebate for the sector, with returns for the first year of the scheme to be processed by July 2024. PikPok is a game developer and publisher who lost 17 senior staff to Australia last year. PikPok CEO Mario Wynands and NZGDA chair Carl Leducq speak with Kathryn Ryan.