5 Feb 2024

Doco series finds defective builds still plaguing New Zealand

From Nine To Noon, 10:05 am on 5 February 2024

If you thought the leaky building crisis was a thing of decades past, John Gray and Roger Levie want you to think again.

The pair were the heads of their respective body corporates when they had to deal with their own leaky building issues.

Their experience would eventually see them form HOBANZ - the Home Owners and Buyers Association - to provide guidance and support to others in similar situations.

John and Roger filmed a documentary series in 2021 called A Living Hell: Apartment Disasters and a second season has just been released.

In it, they continue their investigation into building problems: how they're being remediated, the toll it has on owners and residents - and concerningly, the defects that are still cropping up.

John and Roger join Bryan to talk about some of the solutions and examples of what's worked well overseas, including a newly-created regulatory body in New South Wales, which came into being in December.

Series poster for 'A Living Hell: Apartment Disasters 02'

Photo: Supplied