30 Jan 2024

The 93-year-old Irishman defying ageing

From Nine To Noon, 9:35 am on 30 January 2024
Richard Morgan being run through tests.

Photo: Supplied

Richard Morgan is 93 years old but a late love of indoor rowing has helped him develop into a physical specimen for his age. He spent most of his life spurning fitness and only took up the rowing machine - with which he subsequently became a world champion in his field - in his seventies.

Richard is the subject of a recent paper in the Journal of Applied Physiology which looked at his training and diet regimes and has found he has the heart, muscles and lungs of someone less than half his age.

His grandson Lorcan Daly is a sports and exercise lecturer at the Technological University of the Shannon in Ireland and he's one of the researchers behind the paper.