26 Jan 2024

Julian Borger's new book explores a hidden family past of escaping Holocaust

From Nine To Noon, 10:05 am on 26 January 2024

Photo: Hachette

British journalist Julian Borger has carved a prominent voice in media as The Guardian's world affairs editor, but recently, he's been working to uncover a story close to his heart - his own family history - which has ties to the very newspaper he works for.

In August 1938, an advertisement ran in The Manchester Guardian - now The Guardian - reading: "I seek a kind person who will educate my intelligent boy".

That boy was Julian's father - Robert Borger - then an 11-year-old Jewish boy living under Nazi rule in Austria. 

It was only after his dad tragically took his own life that Julian learned of how his family ended up in Britain.

And they were not alone. Julian has just released a book, I Seek A Kind Person, following the lives of the advertised children of the Holocaust, and where they ended up.