21 Dec 2023

The biggest tech stories of 2023

From Nine To Noon, 11:05 am on 21 December 2023

Tech commentator Juha Saarinen joins Kathryn to talk about what's happened in the tech sector this year, including a lot of large staff layoffs - except Apple.

He says that's in contrast to the mind-blowingly large amounts of money being spend on mergers and acquisitions, including $111b for Microsoft to buy Call of Duty developer Activision Blizzard.

But the biggest story is perhaps artificial intelligence - its development, commercialisation and even chaos - with the firing and rehiring of OpenAI's founder and CEO Sam Altman.

Juha Saarinen is a technology journalist and communicator

Apple iphones, Sam Altman, Microsoft buyout of Activision Blizzard

Photo: AFP, Pixabay