14 Dec 2023

Supermarket pricing data reveals cost confusion

From Nine To Noon, 9:07 am on 14 December 2023
Supermarket shoppers

Photo: 123RF

Never-before-seen supermarket pricing data is revealing just how complicated finding value in groceries is.

Back in October, on the same day promising grocery startup Supie collapsed, National Business Review was contacted by a business called Ordian, which had been quietly collecting information on prices for six months.

It had taken 13 staple goods, and compared them across Pak n Save, New World, Countdown (recently rebranded as Woolworths), The Warehouse, and Supie, across both the North and South Islands, every single day.

What it has revealed, is prompting suspicions that the seemingly random, ever-changing prices are a bid to confuse customers into believing they're getting a good deal.

NBR journalists Hamish McNicol and Maria Slade, and Grocery Commissioner Pierre van Heerden, speak with Kathryn Ryan.