13 Dec 2023

Website helping people with allergies navigate food labels

From Nine To Noon, 11:26 am on 13 December 2023
Research found that children who were given trace elements of peanuts daily were 14 percent less likely to develop a full-blown allergy than those who avoided peanuts.

Photo: 123RF

For Auckland father Aziz Shariff, getting dinner on the table can be quite the minefield.

Between he, his wife, and his son's various severe allergies and intolerances, finding food that suits them all can involve hours at the supermarket and a lot of food label lingo.

But he's taken that situation and used it to create something good.

Aziz has launched a website - called myWellaBee - where users can enter any combination of dietary requirements to filter out products with certain additives and ingredients.

The search engine not only shows you which products are available in New Zealand - it also points you towards the retailers who stock them.

Aziz Shariff and nutritionist Vicki Hamilton from myWellaBee speak with Kathryn Ryan.