8 Dec 2023

Alcoholism, rehab and the stigma of addiction

From Nine To Noon, 10:05 am on 8 December 2023
women drinking wine

Photo: Kelsey Chance / Unsplash

Elizabeth Cracroft is the creator of the theatre show REHAB which aims to break down the stigma of addiction.

The show was on at Auckland's Basement Theatre last month, and had it's first showing in 2021 during the city's Fringe Festival. She speaks from personal experience, she has now been sober 14 years.

She says her own drinking story represents the full buffet of the idiosyncrasies of alcoholism.

The stage play which is improvised, is set in a residential treatment centre and has a range of characters from a variety of backgrounds getting help for their addictions.

From the age of 16, alcohol was her substance of choice, and her drinking escalated over the next few years until she was 24 and sought help.

Elizabeth Cracroft has recently completed a law degree and intends to practice law, and hopes REHAB will be staged in other centres.

The cast of REHAB

The cast of REHAB Photo: JANE BLUNDELL