6 Dec 2023

International assessment of NZ teens' maths prowess shows slippage

From Nine To Noon, 9:05 am on 6 December 2023
High school students with laptops and digital tablets

Photo: 123RF

15-year-olds nationwide have recorded their worst-ever results in an annual international assessment of reading, maths and science ability.

The Programme for International Student Assessment - known as PISA - examines average scores of OECD teenagers.

New Zealand ranked above average in all three subjects - though, only just so for maths.

There's been slippage year on year since 2009 but it has been more dramatic in recent years.

And the global average has also been on a slow decline since 2018, in line with the Covid-19 disruption.

To explain what this means for students beginning NCEA - founder of the Education Hub, Dr Nina Hood.