1 Dec 2023

Genesis shifts approach to renewable energy; large battery planned at Huntly

From Nine To Noon, 9:20 am on 1 December 2023

Genesis Energy wants to install a grid-scale battery at its Huntly Power Station as part of a shift to a renewable energy based electricity generator.

It says it will spend $1.1 billion in the next six years on solar, wind, biomass and battery projects - with some of the money coming from its almost half-share ownership of the Kupe natural gas field.

The company burns coal and gas in its three working Rankine units at Huntly, which back up the country's heavily renewable power system during dry years and energy demand peaks.

At the moment renewables in the form of hydro power at schemes like Waikaremoana and Lake Tekapo along with a small amount of wind energy make up 40 percent of what Genesis typically generates.

Genesis' chief executive Malcolm Johns announced their new strategy yesterday to lift renewables to 95 percent of the gentailer's profile by 2035.

Genesis Energy's Huntly Power Station and chief executive Malcolm Johns

Genesis Energy's Huntly Power Station will be home to a grid-scale battery and retreat from burning coal over the next decade, says chief executive Malcolm Johns. Photo: Supplied