28 Nov 2023

Surprising levels of drug and alcohol use in Asian communities

From Nine To Noon, 9:20 am on 28 November 2023
A man smokes drugs through a Bong bottle, a way of using cannabis

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The results of a recent survey paints a surprising picture for Asian New Zealanders - a community often referred to as a 'model minority'.

The nationwide survey - commissioned by Asian Family Services and the New Zealand Drug Foundation - found higher levels of drug use in Asian communities than previously thought, with some groups exceeding the national average.

The organisations are now calling for more services that cater specifically to Asian New Zealanders to try and combat harm. Kelly Feng - chief executive of Asian Family Services - speaks to Kathryn. 

Kelly Feng is the CEO of Asian Family Services.

Kelly Feng is the CEO of Asian Family Services. Photo: Supplied