27 Nov 2023

Naked Nectar founder Tracey Moffitt on the benefits of blending

From Nine To Noon, 11:30 am on 27 November 2023

Tracey Moffitt had a rough ride with gut issues in her 20s, but without that experience - she may not have found her passion: to blend. Tracey is the founder of Naked Nectar, a company that makes ready-to-blend smoothies.

They're 100 per cent natural ingredients, all pre-blended and packed into cubes then frozen.

The simple and nutritious idea led her 'Morning After' smoothie to be a finalist in this year's New Zealand Food Awards. That flavour, along with three others - Macro Muncher, Energizer Bunny and Happy Chappie - all netted bronze at the 2023 Inspire+ NZ Artisans Awards. 

Left: Tracey Moffitt. Right: Naked Nectar smoothie packages.

Photo: Supplied