23 Nov 2023

Good as gold: New Kiwi platform shakes up gold investing

From Nine To Noon, 9:20 am on 23 November 2023

Gold has long been considered a safe investment; one that's more immune from vagaries of the market or global uncertainties. It's also out of the reach of most people.

A new trading platform is being launched today with the aim of changing that, by offering investors the chance to own a slice of gold instead. 

Goldie works by taking a physical asset and digitally fractionalising it, with users able to access gold at the same price per gram as traditional investors pay for a one kilogram bar.

The company has partnered with gold-trading business NZ Vault to vet, purchase and store the gold at their Wellington depository.

The company's co-founders are Glen Jenkins and Cam Maclachlan, and Glen joins Kathryn to explain their plans to expand beyond gold.

Goldie co-founders Glen Jenkins and Cam Maclachlan, and how the app will look.

Goldie co-founders Glen Jenkins and Cam Maclachlan. Photo: Supplied