19 Oct 2023

The play with its roots in longest-running property claim

From Nine To Noon, 10:05 am on 19 October 2023
Donna McLeod and Te Oro Hā.

Donna McLeod and Te Oro Hā. Photo: Supplied

 You could say Motueka writer Donna McLeod's new play has been a long time in the making: over 180 years, in fact.

The play is called Tense, and it focuses on the historical significance of the Nelson Tenths - New Zealand's longest-running land claim.

It concerns the agreement made in 1839 between Māori landowners around the Nelson region and the New Zealand Company to purchase 151,000 acres - on condition 10 percent was set aside for Māori.

The amount actually set aside was much less, and the issue is still being fought through the courts.

Donna's play Tense is part of the Nelson Arts Festival - it'll have its debut in Motueka at Te Noninga Kumu public library on October 25th and in Nelson's Theatre Royal on the 26th.