29 Sep 2023

Parnell's gigantic sinkhole & huge job of fixing it

From Nine To Noon, 9:05 am on 29 September 2023
Sinkhole in Parnell

Sinkhole in Parnell Photo: Watercare

Auckland's deputy mayor says more pipeline issues are expected in Parnell because of the intense wet weather.

Earlier in the week, a main sewer line below a private property on St Georges Bay Rd collapsed, causing a tennis-court sized hole to open up, with wastewater overflow pouring into the harbour and closing several beaches.

It's expected to be ten days before the sewage flow can be stopped.

This is the third such collapse affecting water pipes in Auckland in recent months.

Watercare's chief operations officer Mark Bourne tells Kathryn the the repair is likely to be the largest wastewater bypass solution that's ever been put in place in New Zealand. She also speaks with Cheryl Adamson, General Manager of the Parnell Business Association.