15 Sep 2023

Hypercinema: The AI art installation which lets you be the hero

From Nine To Noon, 9:30 am on 15 September 2023
Miles Gregory (centre) at the entrance of Hypercinema.

Miles Gregory (centre) at the entrance of Hypercinema. Photo: Supplied

A pop-up theatre has launched in Auckland which allows guests to see themselves as the star of the show, with the help of artificial intelligence.

Participants at Hypercinema have photos taken of themselves from multiple angles, and answer a questionnaire, before viewing a customised, short AI film across three spaces - a cinema, a gallery and a projection space.

One reviewer described it both as a thought-provoking experiment on the role of AI in art - another described it as a narcissist's dream.

It's the co-creation of Dr Miles Gregory, founder of the Pop-Up Globe, who after years as an artistic director and producer at various festivals, touring companies and theatres, is now embracing a new medium.