25 Jul 2023

The Oakland A's, and how sports teams have become major financial assets

From Nine To Noon, 10:05 am on 25 July 2023
The Oakland A's

Photo: Instagram: Oakland A's/Dan Moore

John Fisher, the controversial owner of the Oakland A's is proposing to relocate the nine-time world baseball champions to Las Vegas. The departure of the major league baseball team would be the third, and final, major sports team to leave Oakland since 2019, a loss not only to the city's economy, but for the legions of passionate sports fans. It also points to a growing trend of professional teams and franchises becoming some the of the most coveted financial assets in the world. The Oakland A's were the subject of Michael Lewis' bestselling book Moneyball, and subsequent film starring Brad Pitt, but for journalist Dan Moore, the A's are much more; they're the team he's been supporting since he went to his first game with his dad at the age of six. Dan Moore recently wrote a piece for the website The Ringer, called The Long, Sad Story of the Stealing of the Oakland A's