31 May 2023

Computational creativity: AI's impact on advertising and creative industries

From Nine To Noon, 9:30 am on 31 May 2023

Photo: DALL-E 2

The emergence of AI will inevitably change creative industries, but is yet to really impress, according to a new survey.

AUT researchers asked five New Zealand-based advertising agencies to consider the impact of AI-generated images on their creative processes. Focus groups from large and boutique ad agencies were shown AI-created 'blended' animal images created from text prompts, for a VW ad campaign called "small but ferocious".  They were asked to consider AI's impact on aesthetics, the creative practice, and the relative merits of human vs machine capabilities. 

The response was a mixture of excitement and concern. Senior Digital Media and Communication lecturer at Auckland University of Technology, Justin Matthews, who is leading the research speaks with Kathryn.