30 May 2023

Keep Stepping: Director Luke Cornish on the athleticism and art in street dance

From Nine To Noon, 10:05 am on 30 May 2023

Luke Cornish spent years making his latest documentary, Keep Stepping, which follows two young women on their journey to prepare for Destructive Steps - Australia's largest street dance competition.

It's not just about the moves  - which are impressive. It shows the role street dance has on competitors' lives - and the empowerment they get from it.

Keep Stepping is screening in New Zealand as part of the Doc Edge Festival. Luke started off working in children's television, before moving to start his own company, Biscuit Tin Productions.

The company's debut film Alone Out Here followed a gay farmer who sought to take on Australia's beef industry by breeding cattle that release lower levels of methane.

He joins Kathryn to talk about that, and what he learned taking a deep dive into the street dance sub culture.

Luke Cornish, Keep Stepping poster

Photo: Supplied