28 Apr 2023

Annemarie Rawson on doing an OE in your 60s

From Nine To Noon, 10:05 am on 28 April 2023

Kiwi Annemarie Rawson packed up herself and her husband in 2018 and moved to London for a new overseas experience in their early 60s.

It wasn't the first time Annemarie had done this to her husband Steve - a few years beforehand they'd moved to France with romantic dreams of managing a 15th century farmhouse.

It wasn't quite what they expected - with Annemarie telling her story in two books, My French Platter and My French Platter Replenished. 

Her new book, about starting over again in London is called Late Life Adventures in London and Beyond. She joins Kathryn to tell her story. 

Annemarie Rawson, book cover

Photo: Supplied