30 Jan 2023

Auckland floods: Ministers Wood and McAnulty on govt response

From Nine To Noon, 9:05 am on 30 January 2023

Steady rain has continued to fall on Auckland overnight, with another 50 to 60mm settling on an already soggy city. That's well short of the unprecedented 249mm of rain that paralysed Auckland on Friday night, leaving four people dead, homes inundated or teetering on the brink of collapsed cliffs and hundreds of cars left abandoned on flooded Auckland streets. As the crisis quickly unfolded, emergency services fielded thousands of calls for help from all corners of the city. But the weekend has brought much criticism of the response of those at the top - particularly Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown. Joining Kathryn to talk about what Auckland's immediate and long-term needs will be, and how central government can help is Civil Defence Minister Kieran McAnulty and Transport Minister Michael Wood.

Prime Minister Chris Hipkins assesses the damage from the Auckland flooding from a helicopter on Saturday, 28 January.

Photo: POOL