16 Dec 2022

How our immune systems change as we age

From Nine To Noon, 9:35 am on 16 December 2022

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Kiwi born renown immunologist Michelle Linterman, talks about her research into how our immune system changes as we age.

Dr Linterman is a New Zealand born immunologist works at the Babraham Institute in Cambridge, England, where she leads a research group and lab facilities for testing responses to new vaccines.

Her research programme focuses on how the immune system mounts a good response against vaccination, and why vaccines don't always work as well for certain age groups.

Early in the Covid pandemic, her team ran an important preclinical study of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine in aged mice, in order to test how that vaccine would act in older bodies.

Dr Linterman is in New Zealand at the moment, based at the Malaghan Institute.