30 Nov 2022

Concussed 30 times: former rugby international wants rules changed

From Nine To Noon, 10:05 am on 30 November 2022

Photo: supplie/Sue Graham

Michael Lipman is a former rugby international who played 10 test matches for England, before playing professionally for Bristol and Bath, before joining the Melbourne Rebels.

In that sporting career he was concussed 30 times, eventually retiring from the game a result.

Then came the devastating diagnosis two years ago that Michael has chronic traumatic encephalopathy or (CTE) and early onset dementia.

Michael Lipman is one of the initial group of former players to take a concussion lawsuit against World Rugby.

He and his wife Frankie have written a book detailing how Michael's traumatic brain injuries have impacted their lives and making the case for urgent changes to concussion protocols in contact sports. It's simply called Concussion.