21 Nov 2022

Political commentators Gareth Hughes & Liam Hehir

From Nine To Noon, 11:05 am on 21 November 2022

In politics with Gareth Hughes and Liam Hehir, we look at the government's RMA reforms and whether National leader Christopher Luxon was really prepared for it.

Was he also caught short on the details of his own party's position on climate change? I

s National's boot camp policy a game changer or a rehash of an old policy? And we discuss how PM Jacinda Ardern handled the G20 and the pull-aside with China's President Xi.

Jacinda Ardern and Xi Jinping

Photo: POOL / Thomas Manch

Gareth Hughes is a former Green MP and now works for the Wellbeing Economy Alliance Aotearoa. 

Liam Hehir is a Palmerston North lawyer, political commentator and a National Party member