10 Nov 2022

Tech: Facebook job cuts and the boom in generative AI

From Nine To Noon, 11:05 am on 10 November 2022
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Photo: Creative Commons

Technology commentator Mark Pesce joins Kathryn to talk about the 11,000 jobs that will go from Facebook's parent company Meta.

He'll also look at the explosion in generative AI - algorithms that make it possible for machines to write, code, draw and create with remarkable authenticity.

Is this the 'big bang' moment in the field of artificial intelligence?

He'll look at 'Copilot' - a programming tool that can write code in a number of languages and how it's landed Microsoft with a class action lawsuit.

Could copyright issues be avoided by a licencing approach being taken by Melbourne Artist Anthony Breslin?

He's granted licensing rights for an AI model to be trained against his works - allowing him to create new works long after he's dead.

Mark Pesce is a futurist, writer, educator and broadcaster.