3 Nov 2022

Technology: Demise of Symantec, China hardware concerns, Blackbyte ransomware

From Nine To Noon, 11:05 am on 3 November 2022

Tech correspondent Tony Grasso joins Kathryn to look at what's happened to Symantec - it was one of the first IT security companies to develop commercial anti-virus software, but is anti-virus "dead" like the company's senior VP says?

GCHQ in the UK has raised security concerns about Chinese technology - with some experts citing smartmeters made in China as a specific risk.

And Blackbyte ransomware is managing to get around signed drives - which were supposed to be the ultimate in security authentication.

Tony Grasso is Principal Consultant at cybersecurity firm TitaniumDefence. He worked at GCHQ in the UK and is a former Intelligence Officer in New Zealand.

Ransomware alert message on a laptop screen - man at work

Photo: 123RF