12 Aug 2022

Strays or well-fed hustlers? The case for microchipping cats

From Nine To Noon, 10:30 am on 12 August 2022
Carpark Cat

Birkenhead New World's Carpark Cat doesn't seem to be underfed. Photo: Supplied

Scroll through any community social media page in New Zealand and you're bound to find a post about a lost cat.

And so it was on the Birkenhead community Facebook page this this week - with a picture of Carpark Cat, who'd taken to hanging around the local New World.  

But the post about the stray, but seemingly well-fed cat, appears to have sparked a custody battle. And with no microchip - it's hard to know for sure where her home is.

Frustrated with seeing repeat messages about the same "lost" kitty, local resident Hilary took the cat by the tail - as it were.

She joins Susie to explain - along with Christine Sumner, the SPCA's science officer, with a plea for people to microchip their cats.