26 Jul 2022

Animator Chrissy Metge on her new book

From Nine To Noon, 10:05 am on 26 July 2022

Chrissy Metge is a London-based Kiwi who has been working as an animator and author for a number of years.

She's worked with animation studios from Pixar to Weta, Marvel, and George Lucas's  ILM - and on plenty of big films such as Ironman, the Hobbit 1, 2 and 3, Hunger GamesRon's Gone Wrong...the list goes on.

Chrissy has a couple of new projects on the go: one is a new Netflix adult-animated music series called Entergalactic, with some big names in the cast, that will launch at the end of September.

The other is a book: The Great Crown Mystery, which she wrote with her six year old son and is out in New Zealand from next week.

Chrissy has a number of books to her name - including the popular Max and His Big Imagination series and the Amy's Dreaming Adventures series, which she publishes through her own company Fuzzy Duckling Media.

Chrissy Metge and her new book The Great Crown Mystery

Photo: Supplied