12 Jul 2022

Landmark agreement between Uber Australia and union

From Nine To Noon, 9:25 am on 12 July 2022
A man hand holding screenshot of Uber app in a car.

Photo: 123RF

In Australia, a landmark agreement between Uber and the Transport Workers' union could see gig economy workers given fairer wages, the right to collective bargaining, and guaranteed protections.

The two parties signed a "statement of principles" last month agreeing to support the creation of a new independent commission which would apply minimum standards and practices across the industry.

Two New Zealand Unions have taken a case against Uber in the High Court - seeking to overturn the presumption that Uber drivers are independent contractors.

The judge's decision is reserved, but it could have far reaching implications. Kathryn discusses the Australian agreement with Alex Veen, Scholarly Teaching Fellow in Work and Organisational Studies, at the University of Sydney.