4 Jul 2022

Facial recognition's creep into commercial spaces - are we ready?

From Nine To Noon, 9:05 am on 4 July 2022

Two weeks ago Australian consumer group CHOICE outed three retailers  - Bunnings, The Good Guys and KMart - for collecting the biometric data of their customers.

The watchdog last week referred the trio to Australia's privacy regulator, saying there's a lack of notice and consent in the collection of customers' images, and is a disproportionate response to theft and anti-social behaviour in stores.

The situation across the Tasman has caused some groups here to say it's time New Zealand developed a national strategy for the use of artificial intelligence, to ensure the way it's used aligns with our expectations around privacy.

Kathryn speaks with Madeline Newman, executive director of the AIForumNZ and Dr Dennis Desmond, who lectures about cyber-intelligence at the University of the Sunshine Coast and says the technology itself is quite benign, until its aggregated with other data held about us.

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