1 Jul 2022

The lavish life on a billionaire's superyacht

From Nine To Noon, 10:05 am on 1 July 2022


As the captain of some of the world's largest and most lavish superyachts, Brendan O'Shannassy has had a window into a world that few of us can even imagine.

He's spent two decades sailing billionaire owners, guests and staff around the world.

The vessels are worth hundreds of millions of dollars, over 100 meters long, with helicopter pads, submarines, swimming pools and various pleasure craft, and a staff of around 130.

Brendan O'Shannassy grew up in Fremantle, Australia, and served with the Australian Navy before gaining his first job as a deckhand on a superyacht in 2001. He's written a book about his experiences, called Superyacht Captain.