30 Jun 2022

Business leaders call for meaningful climate action

From Nine To Noon, 9:05 am on 30 June 2022

09:05 Business leaders up the ante on meaningful climate action

The Climate Leaders' Coalition - whose signatories are responsible for almost 60 percent of the country's greenhouse gas emissions - will today officially launch a Statement of Ambition, which aims for meaningful climate action.

The new statement will require signatories to adopt short and long-term science-aligned emissions reduction targets; assess and publicly disclose their climate opportunities and risks  - including in their value chain; consider an assessment of nature-based risks;  plan for a just transition and proactively support their stakeholders - including employees, suppliers and customers - to act on climate change.

Kathryn is joined by Jolie Hodson, CEO of Spark, who's taking over the role as the Coalition's Convenor.

Climate change, conceptual illustration

Photo: AFP / Science Photo Library / Victor de Schwanberg